Some of My Favorite Banjo Links

General Sites
The Banjo Hangout is a website that is the world's most comprehensive banjo resource. You can find tons of tab, lots of lessons, discussions, reviews, links and more. You can register and get their email newsletter, too. – Pete Wernick, AKA “Dr. Banjo” has a great site packed with lots of information and advice. - Phil Mann's website, containing bluegrass information, cartoons, jokes, tablature and other banjo stuff.

Google Video ( ) has a lot of nice banjo and bluegrass video clips. Just try something like “Earl Scruggs” or “Banjo Lessons” to find many good examples. – One of the premier bluegrass music resources on the web. Great forums.

Fleximusic Audio Editor - Fleximusic has developed several different user-friendly, affordable shareware applications for both home and professional use. Check out their products for composing, recording and editing.

Banjo Newsletter. A great monthly magazine devoted to the 5-string banjo.

Organizations & Clubs
IBMA - The International Bluegrass Music Association is the leading organization in Bluegrass . Youth Membership is $15 per year..

SEBA - The SouthEastern Bluegrass Association is a non-profit organization of fans, musicians, promoters, vendors, and friends of Bluegrass music, joined together to preserve, promote, and publicize the music and Bluegrass activities, and to serve as a source of information through their award-winning newsletter, The SEBA Breakdown.

Online Stores
Amazon - No description needed here. Good service, low prices. - A great online superstore for all kinds of instruments, parts books and accessories.

Stewart-MacDonald – A great source for parts and builders supplies. – Ross Nickerson's comprehensive collection of banjo stuff, including lessons & advice, videos, instruments. – Lots of books and music here. Try typing in “Oak Publications” or “Hal Leonard Banjo” in their search field to see lots of great book titles.


A Philosophy of Banjos

Charles Schulz once wrote a Peanuts comic strip which seems to be the origin of the now-famous quote:

"The way I see it, every baby born should be issued a banjo."

That sums up, in a simple way, my approach to banjos. (Afterall, would you give a bad thing to a baby?)

Of course, given enough people, you'll get all kinds of options, banjos and otherwise. Nonetheless, I think most folks nowadays see the banjo in much the same way; as genuine, down-to-earth (or folksy) and symbolic of contentment. Certain fads and stereotypes have come and gone. But I believe these three qualities have remained with our perception of the banjo and have stood the test of time.

As someone who plays such an instrument; one that is genuine, and carefree, I'm pleased if I also reflect some of these traits. I know I could do worse. We could all do worse than to be banjo players.