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Lessons on the Banjo

Hi! I'm Phill Gibson, and yes, I come from Huntsville, Alabama with a banjo on my knee.
Phill Gibson, Banjo Instructor in Huntsville, Alabama
Now that that's out of the way, I'm proud to say that I've been playing the happiest of America's musical instruments, the banjo, since 1977. I'm now offering banjo lessons in a Christian environment for all ages at my place for interested folks in Huntsville, Decatur and the rest of the North Alabama area.


For more information on banjo lessons, or banjos in general, contact me!

Did you know...

Banjos are mainly a bluegrass and folk instrument today, but at one time, they were all the rage of high-society ladies of proper upbringing.

Check out That Half-Barbaric Twang: the Banjo in American Popular Culture by Karen Linn for more fascinating historic details.


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